Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thailand Mushroom Rice Noodle Soup Bowl

What to get: Thailand Mushroom Rice Noodle Soup Bowl
Where to get it: Trader Joe's

Why 'we' approve: The 'we' is the 'Royal We,' meaning I approve, but I doubt the girls would. It's salty, but if you love and miss ramen, this might fit the bill. It's inexpensive, convenient, and not particularly bad, ingredient wise. You'll have to eat something extra for protein, unless it's just to tide you over.

Preparation: Boil water (about 1 1/2 cups). Open the bowl halfway, leaving the lid half attached. Tear the seasoning packets open and add to the bowl. Add the boiling water and close the lid for three minutes. Eat.

Aside from autolyzed yeast extract and rice bran oil, it's not too shabby, healthfulness-wise. Gluten free, which is a rarity for noodle soup.

inside the bowl

Variations: Add some leftover vegetables, chicken, or hardboiled eggs to the soup.


  • Very easy to prepare
  • Satisfying like ramen used to be (because you're not eating ramen anymore, right?)
  • Inexpensive
  • It's soup in its own bowl
  • Gluten free noodles!


  • Ridiculously salty. Not just high in sodium, but actually extremely salty tasting. I ate it, but Galya passed because of the saltiness. 
  • Why use rice bran oil, which has zero flavor? We tried it and tasted nothing. Might as well throw that packet away. Sesame seed oil would have been tasty.
just skip the rice bran oil
  • Don't try sipping from this bowl, because it will run down your chin and onto your shirt because of the turned under plastic lip.
  • Needs something extra to be a complete meal (I added two eggs to mine).

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