Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eggplant hummus and veggie plate

What to buy: Trader Joe's Eggplant hummus
Where to buy: Trader Joes
Why we approve: it contains only natural ingredients and no artificial oils. The only fat is sesame tahini. It has 35 calories per tablespoon and not much protein, but it pairs well with other sources of protein.

Preparation: just open and enjoy. It is delicious.

Variations: this is not a stand alone food. If your goal is to get a full meal you can pair it with 2-3 oz of cheese and vegetables, to make a satisfying vegetable plate or you can serve it next to some plain chicken breast and add vegetables, such as raw or cooked carrots, peppers and green beans.If you need to, you can use this hummus in a wrap with some turkey or roast beef, or even add lamb, for a nice Middle eastern kick!

How much you will eat depends on your goal weight, but in my case (125 lb female) I had 4 tbsp of the hummus and 2 oz cheese together with these veggies for lunch.

Pros: delicious, great texture and good source of fats and fiber

Cons: not a lot of protein, so you need to pair it with something else, such as cheese, chicken, lamb, eggs etc.
It also has a strong garlic taste, so if garlic is not your thing this may not be your best bet. You may want to opt for the plain hummus, which is a lot less gralic-y.

I like this dish because it's a great quick lunch or an appetizer if you have health conscious guests over. Making your own eggplant hummus will also take hours, and if you are reading Meal Survivor, you probably don't have that sort of time on your hands right now. This is a winner prepared dish from the cold section where you can also find a few other types of hummus, so if you tried them, please let us know and share your thoughts!

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