Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Greek yogurt and Pure bar

What to buy: Plain full fat Greek yogurt and Pure bar (pictured cherry cashew)
Where to buy: Trader Joes or get the bars online
Why we approve: There are no thickeners in this yogurt, it's naturally strained. It also has fat which satiates, unlike the fat free versions. 1 cup has 9 grams of protein. Pure bars are absolutely delicious and made from 100% orgranic natural ingredients.

This is a great combo if you are looking for a quick breakfast or if you are hungry for something sweet in the late afternoon or after a workout. The combination of slightly tart and creamy strained yogurt and the sweet, velvety, fruity bar is one you will keep going back for. Remember, there is a lot of concentrated flavor in one of those fruit and nut bars!

Preparation: none is necessary. Peel/open and enjoy. You may need a spoon if you are on the run, Trader Joes will be happy to give you one.

Variations: Pure bars come in many different flavors, make sure to check out their website, but TJs carries only two - the cherry and the chocolate. You can add whey protein to your yogurt if you need a protein boost, since a cup of yogurt and a bar only come to 15 grams. This is not meant to be a big meal, and it provides about 460 calories and 29 grams of carbohydrate, so I would not have it every day if fat loss was the main goal as you can spend your calories on something that has both more protein and less carbohydrate.

Another thing you could do is just have the Greek yogurt and add some raw nuts, such as almonds or walnuts.

Pros: Very very delicious and satisfying. It is an excellent choice for breakfast or after a workout.

Cons: It does have quite a bit of carbohydrate, so watch for the meal timing, especially if you are female or you are looking for faster fat loss. The bar uses agave nectar for sweetening, and we think they could easily just skip that and make it less sweet.

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