Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stuffed Cucumbers

What to buy: Persian cucumbers, canned salmon, avocado, lemon pepper
Where to buy: Trader Joe's or get the cucumbers at your local farmers' market
Why we approve: This quick to make meal is packed with protein and healthy fat and provides a good amount of fiber.

Open the can and pour the excess liquid.  Depending on how big of a can you bought go for 2 servings (26 grams of protein) or 3 or 4 if your target weight is higher. Mix in half an avocado, season with lemon pepper and a touch of lime juice and you are ready with the stuffing. Cut two or more Persian cucumbers and gently core them to make space for the stuffing. Distribute stuffing and enjoy!

You can get braver and add a touch of Tabasco sauce to hive heat to this meal. If you are eating it post workout and need some carbs it will be very nicely paired with a baked potato. You can also use the stuffing and cut up cucumbers inside and roll all of that up in a tortilla.

Pros: high protein, healthy fats
Cons: the fish comes from a can, but at least it's wild salmon, fishy aftertaste which some people may not enjoy but is easily remedied with an apple or other crisp fruit or vegetable


  1. I'm so excited for your new blog! thanks for sharing your recipe. And FYI, in the very near future we are going to make some changes to Chowstalker and add categories for paleo friendly products and paleo dining out. I see you have a fair number of product reviews, so I hope you will share some of those with us too. And Roland, thank you so much for your kind words during a difficult time. It looks like we have pulled conquers all. :-)

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  3. Тhank you, Patty! You are so wonderful and supportive! I am glad you are doing better, love indeed conquers all!

    We started this project for the horribly time challenged and we are very optimistic that we can keep featuring acceptable items that one can easily just buy.

    We would love to contribute with our findings, just let us know what we can do! Cheers!