Monday, August 29, 2011

Ready to eat Dal

What to get: Dal Makhani
Where to get it: Trader Joe's
Why we approve: high in fiber and moderate in protein, extremely rich in flavor and satisfying, great side for vegetables, cheese, plain meat or eggs, lots of healthy spices

We chose this meal because it has a rich buttery flavor and just screams Indian. You could make it on your own, but it will take hours. This packet will take 1 second to open. 

Preparation: Either heat the packet in hot water, or open and heat on the stove.

Variations: This is not a great stand alone meal. You can either mix it with some plain canned beans, lentils or chickpeas or serve it alongside scrambled eggs, a piece of plain meat, or 2 or more oz of cheese.  It is a really spicy, so you can easily dilute it with water and add a touch of heavy cream to make a thick soup that you can enjoy with your choice of lean protein.

Pros: saves you a ton of time if you like Indian, good source of fiber and protein. Healthful spices that you find in this dish are not something most people use daily, so give it a go - it will do you good.

Cons: you still need to add something to make this a complete meal; we are not worried about sodium here, but if you are watching it - 670 mg may put you on the high side. Like all of these Indian dishes from TJ's, it's got sunflower oil, which is a seed oil, and high in omega-6s (remember to watch your seed, veggie, and soybean oil intake elsewhere for your best health results!).

Beans and legumes eaten in moderation can be great - and this is one easy and fast way to get lentils.  Let us know if you like dal, we would love to hear!

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