Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wild Salmon in Yogurt and Mint Sauce

What to buy: Wild Salmon in Yogurt and Mint Sauce
Where to buy: Trader Joe's

Here is yet another Trader Joe’s prepared meal that is so good it’s amazing that it’s frozen. Perhaps one of the reasons it's so good is because it’s produced in France. I remember when I visited France almost 20 years ago, they already had excellent frozen East Indian food; they've got years of experience making frozen food edible; we’re finally catching up with the quality over here. 

The ethics of transporting frozen food halfway around the globe aside, this is a satisfying, tasty dish with a nice hunk of salmon.  Weighing in at 24 grams of protein, this will keep you filled up for a few hours and give you a nice dose of Omega 3's, which we all need in our diet.  

 Unlike most American frozen foods, this salmon actually needed a little salt, but was tender and moist and not overly fishy.  The salmon is on top of a bed of spinach and orzo,  and the mint and creaminess of the mixture goes really well with the flavor of the salmon.  Add a salad or any sort of veggies to this dish and it is absolutely perfect for a dinner post workout if you’re in fat loss mode, since it has 34 grams of carbs and you'll add more with vegetables or salad; or it’s also really great for maintenance.  

This dish is such a great deal and yet another example of restaurant-quality food in the frozen aisle that has great nutritional stats for anyone.  


  1. This dish is AWESOME. Wow, I love this. At this price it is a delicious, very very healthy and fast meal. The salmon is a little bland but overall the dish is a winner because of its healthiness and good taste. I think I'll try it with some lemon squeezed on.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! TJ's also has a fresh salmon with spinach and feta stuffing in the cool section - you will love that!