Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spinach Scramble with Toast

What to buy: Eggs, Fresh or Frozen Spinach, Ezekiel or other high-quality bread, butter
Where to buy: Any grocery store, supermarket or Farmer's Market
Why we approve: Tasty, fast, and a perfect meal

As I was eating my lunch, I realized that a lot of my meals fit into the "under 10 minutes" category and I may as well post them--especially since this week I am childless and cooking for myself and suddenly have lots of free time to post.

I often have eggs for a meal. Let me rephrase that.  I eat eggs every day for some meal or another.  One of the main reasons I do is that I have chickens who lay amazing, tasty eggs.  Because they're mostly pasture-raised, free range chickens, the nutritional content of my eggs is fabulous, with a great balance of Omega 3's.  I suggest you buy the best kind of eggs you can, choosing organic and free range or farmer's market--pasture raised are the absolutely the best-- when you can.  Eggs are incredibly healthy, and now that the cholesterol scare has worn off, I hope most people realize that whole eggs are just about a perfect food.

My method of cooking this meal is to put a little butter in a cast iron pan (whatever pan you have will do) and putting in frozen or fresh spinach (I use Trader Joe's frozen). I usually use about 1/3 of a pound or more.  Cover and leave on low for 10 minutes; if there's a little water in the pan, drain it and set aside.

I then scramble the eggs, use a little more butter in the pan (I use organic or Irish Butter from Trader Joe's, the latter is from pasture-raised cows) and pour in the eggs, letting it set and stirring infrequently. When the eggs are just about done, add the spinach and stir gently. Do not add the spinach to the eggs until the eggs are cooked unless you want an unpleasant-looking,green tinged eggs. If I'm in a hurry I just push the spinach to one side of the pan and scramble on the other side, combining at the end.

I dress this scramble up in all sorts of ways.  Sometimes I use artichoke hearts from TJ's--about a half a pound given the same treatment as the spinach, above; the only difference is that you don't have to be so vigilant about the mixing. Saute some onions, put in leftover veggies, mushrooms, just about anything is good. A sprinkling of cheese is good, or hot sauce.

I eat my scrambles with toast, I prefer Ezekiel bread as I'm a little intolerant of grains.  In the above picture I had already taken a bite out of my toast when I realized I needed to include it in the shot.  I cleverly hid the bitten off part under the eggs.

This meal keeps me filled up for hours. I add extra bread or starchy carbs if I've just worked out, but I think the addition of butter and a large amount of vegetables is the satisfying part of the dish for me.

There are no cons to this dish--it's healthy, satisfying, and quick!

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