Thursday, December 15, 2011

Soup and sardines, why not?

What to get: a can of Wolfgang Puck organic roasted red pepper with tomato soup and a can of sardines
Where to get it: your close to home chain-type supermarket is very likely to have it all; we've also found some awesome soups at Big Lots - worth giving it a try! 

Why we approve: This soup is a way to save yourself some kitchen trouble and provides a ton of flavor and a couple of servings of organic cooked vegetables. It tastes delicious - in fact,  for canned (or any) soup, it gets a 10.  You get 170 tasty calories, and has an acceptable 8 grams of sugar. The ingredients are very close to what you would use at home, save for a few thickeners. This soup is an excellent side for a more plain type of protein, such as a piece of grilled chicken, or a cup of cottage cheese.

Preparation: open the can, pour the contents in a pan and warm over medium heat for a few minutes.
If you are having this soup with sardines, like I did, open the can, drain, mix the sardines with some lemon juice and black pepper and enjoy on the side.

Variations: In the picture, you can see the soup seasoned with some Parmesan cheese. Feel free to have it with some cheese on the side, if calories permit. You could thicken this soup with corn, cooked carrots, shredded beef, it's up to you and the type of leftovers you have in your fridge. Great accompaniments are: grilled chicken or turkey breast, cottage cheese, string cheese or some roast beef.

Pros: great taste at a reasonable price, 2 minutes from can to spoon.

Cons: this soup is a bit heavy both on calories and carbohydrate

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