Sunday, May 27, 2012

Portland fresh food grab and go

What to get: pineapple chicken,roasted mixed veggies, and quinoa salad
Where to get it: New Seasons Market, Portland  and other locations

This is our first guest post, and we thank our good friend, fitness trainer, Chris Bathke, for the contribution. Chris is a super busy guy, owner of the Elemental Fitness Lab, who has a super active lifestyle and has learned how to be a real meal survivor. While we were visiting him in Portland last year, we enjoyed the freshly made organic food at New Seasons Market and we were so happy that he chose to share one of his lunches with us. Whether you are recovering from a hard workout or looking for a meal to fuel your fat loss, New Seasons is the best place to get delicious cooked items, from salads and appetizers, to filling entrees and desserts.

Why we approve: the foods Chris chose were pineapple chicken, roasted veggies and a quinoa salad. This is a great option, rich in protein, complex carbs and fiber.

Preparation: none is necessary, just open the package and enjoy :)

Variations: Chris chose a complete lunch, but if you are watching your carb intake, skip the quinoa salad and stick with the pineapple chicken and veggies

Pros: quick, delicious and fast, rich in protein

Cons: it may cost you a bit more to pick up ready made foods at the market, compared to cooking them at home, but it's worth it for all the time it saves you.

For anyone who lives in Oregon, know we are jealous you have New Seasons Market.  Enjoy!

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