Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stagg Vegetable Garden Four Bean Chili

No matter how hard you look, a decent canned chili is hard to find. They might taste great, but check the labels, as they tend to filled with things you don't want to eat! 

I looked long and hard at the supermarket until I found a can of chili that met MealSurvivor standards. Actually, I found two, but one tasted terrible!

This one tastes good and has decent ingredients, but don't make the mistake of thinking that other Stagg's are similar in quality. Not so, as most cans of Stagg had soy and/or soybean oil, plus other things that make me shudder when I say them. ;)

Stagg Vegetable Garden Four Bean Chili

Stagg Vegetable Garden Four Bean Chili

What to get: A can of Stagg Vegetable Garden Four Bean Chili

Where to get it: Most supermarkets (I get this at Pavilions or Vons).

Why we approve: Chili is filling, and a meal in itself. Few questionable ingredients (Natural Butter Flavor?).

Ingredients: Water, Tomatoes, Beans, Black Beans, Kidney Beans, Corn, Tomato Paste, White Beans, Chili Seasoning (spices. Paprika. Sugar. Salt. Flavoring), Dehydrated Onions, Dehydrated Carrots, Modified Cornstarch, Jalapefio Peppers (contains Salt, Vinegar), Cornmeal, Salt, Onion Powder, Dehydrated Bell Peppers, Dehydrated Tomatoes, Spices, Garuc Powder, Natural Butter Flavor.

Nutrition: Calories, 200 per serving (can contains two servings), Total Fat 1.1g, Sodium 890mg, Carbohydrates 37.0g, Fiber 8.1g, Sugars 8.9g, Protein 10.0g

Preparation: It's a can of chili. Open it and heat it. I eat big meals, so I ate the whole can, plus some cheese.

Variations: Top with cheese, avocado, or sour cream, because it's really low in fat.

Cons: A little salty for some, and too low in fat to be satisfying for some.

Pros: Easy to keep in the office, filling, and contains no animal protein or gluten.


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