Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rosemary ham

What to get: Trader Joe's Rosemary Ham
Where to get it: Trader Joes cold section

Most supermarkets have a deli section, where you can grab some cold cuts if on the go.It's fast, delicious and convenient and as close to packing some meat from home as it gets.

Why we approve: it's convenient, ready to eat and high in protein. Other than ''natural flavor'', which we will never be able to determine the nature of, it is pretty clean of bad guys and it's an acceptable snack. The rosemary really gives it a nice touch!

Preparation: just open the packet and enjoy

Variations: If you are low carbing, serve it with some avocado and nuts of cheese for extra calories, and maybe some veggies on the side. Otherwise, you can roll it up in a tortilla wrap or use it in a sandwich. I have shown my low carb version above. That ham would be pretty good in an omelet, too!

Pros: easy to grab and eat right out of the bag when in a hurry

Cons: as usual, there is natural flavor in it (^&^%%#!!)


1 comment:

  1. This ham is so good. I love the rosemary...just enough and not overwhelming. This is the first time I tried it and will definitely buy again next week! Chopped it to add to scrambled eggs, and also ate it rolled up with a chunk of TJ white cheddar cheese in it. (trying to do low carb!) YUMMY