Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Quick Meal of Chicken, Guacamole, and Corn Salad

Often times, people forget that dinner is just ingredients, put together on a plate. Mom used to make chicken, veggies, and a starch. It had no fancy name, and it was always a different combination. You don't always have to have a 'dish.' Remember that dinner can also be just have a few tasty foods.

A Quick Meal of Chicken, Guacamole, and Corn Salad

What to get: Roasted or Deli Chicken from the supermarket (Pavilions, in this case), Calavo Guacamole, Spicy Corn Salsa or other deli salad.

Where to get it: Pavilions, Vons, Ralph's and other supermarkets.

Most supermarkets have a deli section, where they sell some sort of roasted, baked, or rotisserie chicken. Check the ingredients, to be sure there are no (or few) bad guys!

While you're in the deli section, pick up some sort of salad. I chose roasted corn salsa, in this case, but it's more like a corn side dish than salsa. It was pretty good stuff!

Grab some Calavo's Guacamole (near the bagged salad greens) and you're good to go.

 Guacamole Ingredients: Hass Avocados, Tomato, Onion,
Jalapeno Pepper, Serrano Pepper, Cilantro, Garlic, Salt.

Why we approve: Chicken is a healthy source of protein and fat, and when it's not fried, you're usually pretty safe. Avocado is a great source of healthy fat and fiber, and corn salsa (or salad) is a starch that's pretty rare to overeat. Corn doesn't have all than many calories, and it's rarely something you binge on.

Preparation: Put it all on a plate, and serve. I also made a side salad, because I my daughter asked for it, and the dressing was simply guacamole, thinned with a little water and white vinegar.

Variations: This would make a great salad if you had a bed of greens. Thin the guacamole with a little water and/or vinegar to make a dressing, and then toss everything together!

If they don't have guacamole already made, you could easily make your own or simply eat half a ripe avocado with your meal.

Pros: Easy, and variations are available at virtually EVERY grocery store.

Cons: If you don't get there early, the chickens might be gone, since they are pretty popular. The other prepared meats (meatloaf, meatballs, ribs, etc.) tend to be FILLED with bad guys, so beware.

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