Monday, April 1, 2013

Wild Planet Canned Tuna

What to get: many cans of tuna, Wild Planet

Where to get it: Pavilions,healthfood stores, online

Why we approve: tuna is a satisfying and rich source of protein. This little can is 5 oz and packs around 30 grams for hardly 200 calories. Which means your fat loss diet will love it. Which means you can have it often. It's not fishy. It's sustainably caught. The can is BPA free. There is no extra oil or extra water in it. It packs omega 3s. Best of all - it's not fishy. The same company makes amazing sardines, however, they ARE fishy (well, they are sardines). Another thing about those sardines - you can get them for about 3 dollars. Same sardines at healthfood store - 8 dollars. Just saying. Check prices online before you put a can of golden anything in your basket. For 8 dollars you can have a grassfed steak.

Preparation: open the can and chop on top of salad, or mix with avocado (my favorite way).

Variations: In most grab and go scenarios, you will need to eat this fast. Squeeze lemon and season with pepper and salt, spread on seaweed, enjoy in salad, or if you eat wraps and sandwiches, use that as a filling. If you have more time, you can make tuna cakes or casseroles. It's that awesome.

Pros: no cooking, tons of protein, delicious.

Cons: you don't like fish? You are afraid of too much mercury?

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  1. For anyone who might be afraid of mercury, Wild Planet tuna actually has a much lower level of mercury than others! Here is some more information:

  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing this information!