Friday, December 27, 2013

Chicken red medallions with coconut curry sauce

What to get: a box of Chicken red medallions with coconut curry sauce

Where to get it: cooler section at Trader Joe's

Why we approve: this dish is simple yet full of flavor. 22 grams of protein per serving, not too bad on the carbs (18 grams total). By the way package suggests 4 servings and that's wishful thinking as it's exactly two (unless you are a very tiny human, which we are not). The chicken is very well cooked and the sauce is excellent.


Preparation: The package suggests you microwave of warm up in hot water. We did the latter. Once the pouch is out it's really easy to heat it up. Just place in boiling water for a few minutes.


Variations: You could potentially eat this cold if you were in a hurry. The next time we buy this item we will probably add extra chicken strips to it. You can also serve over rice noodles or rice if your diet permits. We enjoyed this with a giant green salad and steamed baby green peas.


Pros: no cooking, good amount of protein, no nasty ingredients.

Cons: not enough chicken in our opinion, and maybe a bit high on sugar for a main dish

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