Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuna in green curry sauce

What to buy: Tuna in Green Curry Sauce, frozen green peas
Where to buy: Trader Joes
Why we approve: 24 g protein, coconut milk is a healthy fat, delicious, only 230 calories per package

This packaged meal from Trader Joe's can be found in their boxed meal isle, close to tapenades, olives and some sauces.

What I love about it: at only 240 calories per package, it offers 24 grams of protein. It has precious coconut fat (mmm), which as you know, is easily used for energy and hard to store as body fat. It has an abundance of spices, such as galangal, turmeric and sweet basil. The flavor is wonderful and it is only mildly hot. You can really taste the green curry and the green curry paste spices!!!

Preparation: Cut open the pouch, pour into a bowl, and microwave OR do the "boil in bag" thing with the pouch. Alternately, eat it at room temperature.

You can eat it as it is or add some more vegetables to it or more coconut milk or sour cream. This will add volume, taste and calories and make it a complete meal.

I've had this meal on numerous occasions and I have mixed it with wild rice, cous cous, оr quinoa. Since these are carbohydrate heavier, I would only recommend them in the meal following your training or other physical activity for the day. If you haven't been active, add some green peas, zucchini, or bell peppers.

Here is how I made the green pea version below:

1. I opened the packet and placed the contents in a pot.
2. I added 1 cup frozen green peas and 1/2 cup water.
3. I cooked for 10 minutes over medium heat.
4. I added 1 tbsp sour cream and stirred.

That is all. It was delicious and the large tuna flakes were very meaty and nice. The small and sweet green peas are a great contrast for the mild curry sauce. This meal screams with flavor and you will love it!

It took literally 5 minutes to make and with the 10 to cook I had a meal 15 minutes after getting home. Who would not like that?

Let me know how you liked it or check out the review of Tuna in red Panang curry sauce by our very own Roland!

Pros: it's very delicious, and packs a good amount of of protein and healthy fats
Cons: it's a bit hot for some people


  1. One of my favorite lunches is to take a pouch, cut open and pour over frozen green beans in a saucepan. Heat all until it just boils, and it's ready to go! Lunch for about $2!

  2. I love that, too!

    In the office, I use a can of green beans and two of these packets for a larger, filling lunch!